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Our Mission

Mission Statement:

Compassion For All Ministries is a ministry that was established to encourage our local Christian Denominations and Non-Denominations churches to reach out to those who are in need throughout our local community. It is our belief that everyone deserves the basic necessities to survive while providing their families with a roof over there head. It is our mission to provide these services to all that are in need of help. It is with our deep love, devotion and belief in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; we plan to accomplish our goals to meet the basic needs of all Gods’ Children.

Our goal is to distribute to the local community twice a month to only the residents of the city we are serving. Our clothing, food, and financial donations will be through our congregation, small businesses, restaurant chains, large corporations and all who have a heart to give. We are or have filed with the State of California for a Non-Tax Status for tax write off purposes only for all of our contributors.


Compassion for All Ministries objectives for the next five years of operations include:

• To establish a focal point for collection of food, clothing, and financial contributions.
• To establish a focal point for distribution of food, clothing, and special gifts for the family.
• To distribute twice a month to our local residents who are in need and reside in the local community.
• To meet there spiritual need through the teaching of God’s Word.
• To share the love and compassion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
• To hold local fundraising drives in the community throughout the year to provide for the ministry to supply to the residents of the community.
• To establish a facility that will encourage children to also grow spiritually and have a safe place for recreation.
• To reach out to the homeless in our homeless community that is set up by the city.
• To conduct bibles studies to our local residents.
• To distribute bibles to our local residents.
• To purchase warehouses for operations.

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Organization News

Hello and thanks for visting our site. If you are interested in serving God by helping to feed the homeless and providing for daily needs through service, prayer, or financial giving please contact Terry Cotterman at our link posted below.
I can truly tell you God is at work here at Ganesha Park in Pomona! The Gospel is going out, the great commision is being fulfiled, and lives are being saved for Christ! Please if you have a heart to serve sign up with Terry on his link below.
We go out every 2-3 weeks.  And we would be happy to e-mail you with detailed information with dates and times. We will keep you updated and let you know everytime we go out. Just sign up with Terry on his link below. Thank You and God bless!
Shawn Simmons

MAPQUEST This is a direct link so you can find your way to Ganesha Park with ease.

Terry Cotterman

Contact us at if you have any questions or would like more information.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

Mailing Address:

Phone: 909-626-0107